Birran Service

Birran provides consulting services, product development, and system integration.

Pelatihan Birran


Birran assists in preparing digital solutions for planning the implementation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) which includes the preparation of master plans and blueprints.

Pengembangan Produk

Product Development

Birran assists in developing project-based products for promotion, operational and human resource requirement in the company.

Integrasi Sistem

System Integration

Birran provides services to integrate sub-systems that are already used into one, in order to work together to share data and provide comprehensive functionality.

Here's how we started the service

Birran's main competencies are web-based and mobile software. Equipped with additional expertise on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Data Science (Data Visualization, Data Extraction & Machine Learning) and Internet of Things (IoT) we can help you succeed. We can be involved as short-term and long-term project-based teams.

Set Goals

We cannot wait to hear your story, what keeps you awake at night, your ideas and vision. We will study how to make it happens.

Set Goals

Creating a Work Contract

After you agree with the concept, we will make a work contract. Rest assured, you are in the right hands. We have been in this business for 6+ years and continue to grow rapidly, so we can assure you that we can support you in the long run.

Creating a Work Contract
Creating a Work Contract

Implementation starts!

In project-based services by default, Birran will conduct pre-development analysis, project management, testing based on the overall test plan document (including safety and performance tests), and guide you through UAT (User Acceptance Test).

The process has been proven to reduce the risk of delays and eliminate the risk of failure in developing the project.

This is how we ensure the success of the project

In order to ensure the success of product manufacturing, we divided the project into two stages


Membuat Kontrak Kerja

Explaining the process to the developers

Membuat Kontrak Kerja

Preparing equipment and work environment

Membuat Kontrak Kerja

Creating a project development schedule with mockups

Development phase


Birran Team Relationship Model

Business continuity is guaranteed. Knowledge in the execution of the project is at least owned by two people. They already has expertise in the field being handled, so your project will be safer.


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